Front Doorstep Project

A front doorstep project including the addition of a lower step and tiling in Bramhall, Stockport.

The original front doorstep at this property was in need of a facelift.

The homeowners  were seeking  a more durable and attractive finish to the step, as they had grown tired of the need to repaint it on a regular basis.

They also asked for the  addition of a `lower’ step, to make access to the front door a bit easier, as the existing doorstep was quite high.

All loose paint was removed from the existing step and then the new` lower’ step was laid.

The homeowners had chosen some slate grey, porcelain tiles (non-slip), which were installed next, using a suitable exterior grade adhesive.

Once the tiling was completed the newly tiled area was grouted. This was done in a charcoal coloured grout, which looks great with their chosen tiles.

The job was completed by the application of a colour coordinated sealant to neatly finish/seal all the edges.

The homeowners are very happy with their new `user friendly’ and stylish steps.
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